The packing house was built on 7.000 m² (1,7 acre) at the same place as it is today in 1965, and was extended to 10.000 m² (2,5 acre) in 1983. It was restored completely in 2009. The facility was build inside an industrial area but now it is the closest packing house to the city center.

The facility has 7 de-greening rooms (ethylene treatment). Total capacity of these rooms are 1.500 tons, and all the rooms can be used as cold storage. Other than these, there are three additional cold storage rooms which has 1.500 tons of capacity in total.

Packing line has the capability to pack lemons, mandarins, oranges and grapefruits.

The facility has a dormitory for 120 personnel, and a cafeteria for 150 persons. Management offices are also at the same building.

Technical staff is always present and are responsible for the material handling/treating equipment and maintenance.