CMS Citrus is found in 1965 by M. Mahir Turan (1924-2007) in Mersin, Turkey. It was the only packing house built for citrus export at that time and is still active. CMS Citrus was a trailblazer at many markets among Turkish exporters. The company was established by 100% own capital and started its commercial activity under the name Turan Import Export.

Increasing its volume, reputation and reliability each year, Cem Turan took over the management of the company in 1983 as the second generation. In the same year, the packing house increased its volume from 7.000 m² (1,7 acre) to 10.000 m² (2,5 acre). In 1996, the company changed its name to CMS Citrus with new partnership and kept this status until 2004.

CMS Citrus changed its management structure to family-owned business again in 2004. The company built partnership between Purnatur, a Dutch company, in 2012, and by this means the sales and distribution network was improved.

Being an experienced company, CMS Citrus has been presenting Turkey and Turkish citrus successfully since 1965.


You can visit our partner company, Purnatur, in Netherland.